Laundry issues

I am from Canada and in Canada, we have huge washer and dryers. You can stuff a good 10 kilos of laundry in the washer, it takes about half an hour to wash, then throw those 10 kilos of laundry in the dryer and everything is dry in an hour.

This was laundry as I knew it until I moved to Iceland.

Our first apartment had a little washing machine that could only handle half of the laundry I expected it to. About 5 kilos. Then it took 3 hours to wash. I don’t know what it was doing for there for 3 hours but I didn’t think my clothing was that dirty.  Little did I know.

Then the drying. I guess it is better to hang everything up. I hear that is better. In theory. The only problems are that my apartment was tiny so there was no room to set up a drying rack and outside it was always raining.

The combination of long washing times and no dryer made laundry a 24-hour nightmare for me, once a week because our building shared the washing machine and I only had access to it one day a week.

I was setting my alarm to go off every three and a half hours so I could start the washer again. This started at midnight the day before my laundry day and didn’t stop until midnight on my laundry day.

Wet clothing was hung on everything from chairs to kitchen counters and needed to be rotated onto the radiator as space permitted.

This routine made me question the move. It also made me much more accepting of clothing that was not 100% clean.

After 11 years I have a house and have insisted on a North American size washer and dryer, so life is a little more manageable for me now but I still have an intense admiration for anyone that is in this situation.