The Women’s Story Circle

Söguhringur Kvenna

They are called Söguhringur Kvenna in Icelandic. They meet at the library in Reykjavík.

“The Women’s Story Circle is a forum where women of all origin exchange stories, experiences and cultural backgrounds and take part in creative activities as well as excursions. It is open to women who are interested in meeting other women, sharing stories and ideas and having a nice time in good and relaxed company.”

You can find information on them here: Borgarbókasafn – Söguhringur Kvenna


On Facebook

“The Women’s Story Circle, Reykjavik City Library’s Gerðuberg branch, Gerðubergi 3-5, 111 Breiðholt, first Sunday of every month at 1.30 pm.

The Women’s Story Circle creates a forum for immigrant women and Icelandic women to exchange anecdotes and be creative together. The group is intended for women who are interested in meeting in a comfortable environment. All participants are given the opportunity to express themselves/learn about different cultures, religions and traditions. Furthermore immigrant women are given the opportunity to communicate in Icelandic in a relaxed atmosphere and learn about Icelandic culture. The activities organized provide a creative environment that helps to build links between knowledge. To reach these results different activities and excursions are organized, which strengthens the women’s connections. We put emphasis on participant’s involvement in the project. All women are welcome!”

You can find them on Facebook here: Söguhringur Kvenna

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