The joys of mopping 


I moved to Iceland almost 11 years ago. It took me 8 of those years to find a mop I knew how to use.

In Canada I had a mop and bucket like the one pictures. When I moved here I learned that they don’t use those here.

But the mop and pail isn’t really the main point here. The main point is more along the lines of how something you took for granted in your home country can be a real joy in your new country.

Even mopping.

Now mopping is a happy time that reminds me of the simpler times. When I understood everything going on around me. When I didn’t have such a hard time expressing myself (in a second language) and when i didn’t have to touch the mop while mopping the floor.

I am now happy in Iceland with my Canadian mop.

As evidence to the joy this purchase have me (and others in the same position), you should check out the facebook post from the day I bought it. In away from home group.

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