A small fail

When I first moved to Iceland we lived in downtown Reykjavik making it convenient for me to attend the the Technical College to learn Icelandic. I can not find any information on the Icelandic classes there now, so maybe they don’t offer them anymore. This is probably for the best since I didn’t learn a lot of Icelandic there.

Anyways, I was 25 years old and back in high school to learn Icelandic. Being nearly 10 years older then everyone else in the school was bad enough but when combined with the cultural differences, this was basically a nightmare.

I couldn’t understand why everyone had yellow hair and very dark eyebrows. I was confused by how leggings were considered pants and I wondered what time these girls were waking up every morning to manage to have so much make up on before 8.

But I tried to fit in. So when everyone was standing outside between classes smoking cigarettes, I went with them (granted this was 11 years ago and these days they are probably all vaping).

One day there was a little wind, shocking I know, and when I went to light my cigarette the wind blew at the exact perfect moment that I ended up setting my hair on fire.

No joke.

I saw the fire in the corner of my eye, then I saw everyone pointing. it started to get a little hot and the smell was terrible. Luckily this only lasted a second until I felt someone slapping the side of my head to get the fire out. Turned out to be some nice guy from my class.

But the damage was done. Everyone saw my flaming hair and the smell just wouldn’t go away.

I tried to play it cool, pulled my hood up and tried to pretend nothing happened when we went back into class but the smell gave it away.

I sat at my desk and everyone around me started whispering. The smell was nearly suffocating me. I thought I would die.

I am sure your not surprised to hear I left class early that day and went home to try to fix what I could of my hair. I ended up needing a haircut since all the hair on one side was destroyed. Just my luck.

11 years later I ma still working on my fitting in skills, but at least I haven’t set my hair on fire recently. Things are starting to look up.


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